Canon EF 2x ii Lens Extender Hire (Sydney)

Canon 2x Extender Hire Sydney Rental EF ii Teleconverter

The Canon EF 2x ii extender works by increasing the distance between the film plane (or CCD) and the rear element of the lens.

The extra distance doubles the effective focal length of the lens to bring distant subjects closer.

Canon EF Extenders are specially designed for many of Canon's large aperture EF lenses and retain all metering and AF functions with most of these.

Canon EF 2x ii Lens Extender Features at a Glance:
  • Number In Stock: 2
  • Extends lens focal length by 2x. e.g. 70-200mm becomes 140-400mm
  • Drops maximum aperture by two stops
  • Supplied with caps

Hire / Rental Rates:

Hire PeriodRental Fee
Per Day:$25
Weekend / 2 days:$40
Full Week:$55

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